Parking, Parking Fees, Parking Tickets

Parking Lots

Parking is only allowed in designated parking lots. Parking on grass anywhere or blocking traffic flow on campus is not allowed.

All parking lots on campus are open to students, visitors, and employees.  Please note some spaces are reserved for those with a special permit or purpose.


Parking Fees

All students, faculty, staff, and lessees pay a parking/access/security fee. The President of 皇冠hg2020手机app下载 approves the fee after consultation with students and staff. For students, the fee is $4.75 per credit.

Faculty and staff pay a parking fee based on their status as employees. Students pay a parking fee based on the number of credits. (A faculty teaching 15 credits would pay $71.25 for parking. Since 15 credits is full-time, a staff person working full time would pay the same.) Employees who are also students at one of the partner institutions will combine their employee and student rates, but at no time pay more than the full-time parking fee.


Parking Enforcement

  • Handicapped spots, the fire lane, special permit spots, and other signed no-parking is enforced continuously
  • Special permit parking is designated for students or employees needing more convenient parking for health or other reasons. Please see the school nurse for authorization for a special permit.


Parking Ticket Appeals Policies

  • The citation must be received by the Security Office, Atrium 201 within seven (7) working days of the date the citation was issued. The appeal form must be legible and filled out in its entirety including the appropriate name and address. An appearance before the board is optional.
  • Only unpaid citations may be appealed. The payment of the citation under appeal is suspended without penalty during the appeal process.
  • Following a review of each parking citation appeal, upon a majority vote of appeals panel members present and voting, one of the following actions may be taken:
    • Appeal is approved and citation fine is dismissed
    • Appeal results in a citation being changed to a warning citation which carries no fine
    • Citation is upheld and published fine is applied to appellant
      • If action by an appeals panel results in a fine being levied, the appellant shall pay the citation within seven (7) working days after notification is mailed. If the citation is not paid within the seven working days time period, the appellant is subject to further sanctions as determined by the Parking Advisory Committee Chairperson.
  • All decisions made by the Appeals Board are final.